Carnival Games

Arizona Amusements & Entertainment supplies real authentic midway style carnival games along with other fun and unique games.  You will see all of the games we offer below.  Mouse over any image on this website to see a large picture.

Midway Style Games

Ring Toss Coin Toss Cover The Spot
 Ring Toss  Carnival Game  Coin Toss  Carnival Game  Cover the Spot Carnival Game
Balloon Blaster Order Up Stand The Bottle
 Balloon Blaster Carnival Game  Order Up  Carnival Game  Stand The Bottle Carnival Game
Knock Out Cow Tipping 7' Mini Giraffe Striker
 Knock Out Carnival Game  Cow Tipping Carnival Game  Giraffe Striker Carnival Game

Metal Frame Style Games

Velcro Bullseye Rattlesnake Roundup Tic Tac Toss
 Velcro Bullseye Carnival Game  Rattlesnake Roundup Carnival Game  Tic Tac Toss Carnival Game
Golf Chip Challenge Velcro Shooting Gallery Gone Fishing
 Golf Chip Challenge Carnival Game  Critter Shooting Gallery Carnival Game  Gone Fishing Carnival Game
Cow Pie Fly Electric Duck Pond Froggy Fly Fling
 Cow Pie Fly Carnival Game  Electric Duck Pond Carnival Game  Frogy Fly Fling Carnival Game
Pin The Tail On The Donkey Cow Milking Contest Red/White Carnival Tent
 Pin The Tail On The Donkey Carnival Game  Cow Milking Contest Carnival Game  Red/White Carnival Game Tent

Carnival game packages are available in 5 Game, 10 Game and 20 Game Assortments. We can also supply the game operators for a fee.

Our carnival game packages include a Red/White Carnival Tent, 1 Carnival Game and Prizes for 100 winners.  The following games include 2 games per tent:
  • Order Up
  • Stand The Bottle
  • Cover The Spot

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